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Useful tips for online booking a hotel or serviced apartment for lease


Booking a hotel or a serviced apartment for lease is necessary before you take off traveling or having a business trip somewhere outside in order to make sure that you will have a comfortable and safe place to live/work. For now, online room-booking is quite popular and convenient, which can save a lot of time and efforts for us when we try to look for a place like this. However, when you are booking apartment online, you have to pay more attentions on plenty of booking details. And Dilavi .vn is right here for providing you with some useful tips of how to book hotels or serviced apartments online in a more smart way to ensure a perfect trip for you.

Useful tips for online booking a hotel or serviced apartment for lease

  1. Refer to famous hotel or serviced apartment for lease websites such as, Agoda, Traveloka, Trivago, and so forth… These are well-known websites and highly rated among the tourism industry. Besides, it will be much more safer for these websites towards you through the payment process.
  2. A good online booking habit is to make a journey plan earlier, which will possibly help you get a very good price
  3. Put more attentions on attached service such as airport shuttle, parking, breakfast and so on…
  4. Location of the hotel/serviced apartment for lease: if you plan to visit a city, the center districts will be the most ideal location for you to consider renting a hotel/serviced apartment because they are close to a lot of prosperous shopping malls and food areas. Therefore, it’s really convenient for shopping, sightseeing and eating near here. And that’s also the reason why Dilavi serviced apartments have been selected as one of the best dream places by many tourists when they are planning a enriching trip.
  5. Another online booking experience that you have to review carefully is about the room exchange/cancellation policy. Do you need to pay for the room in advance? Can you modify or cancel the booking date with the refund back? We have to always keep in mind that the best laid plans, so you need to get ready for any unexpected changes of you plan by get through understanding about all these booking rules earlier beforehand.
  6. Be well noted of the room/apartment type during online booking: the room/apartment owns a single or double bed? What is the maximum number of people allowed to stay for each night? … By paying more attention to it will ensure you to pick up the most suitable living place during your online booking.


  1. A critical booking tip is to carefully refer to the pictures and descriptions of the hotel/serviced apartment you are planning to rent. The quality of this living place suits your needs? Do you need any specific attached service such as room cleaning or laundry? All of these can help you make the most satisfying decision on your own.
  2. Check a more reviews as possible from other customers to help you make the best choice of the place you are going to rent.

In addition to the overwhelming geographical location in the central district, Dilavi serviced apartment for lease in District 3 is also an extremely comfortable living place for those who want to come visit in Saigon. A modern and 5-star level serviced apartment must be your dream stop for your upcoming life journey. Book it immediately to experience Dilavi’s customized service for you:

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