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Two types of nice view apartment for lease in Dilavi


Nowadays, it is very common to rent serviced apartments especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City. Beside good price, high-quality service and convenient locations, an apartment with beautiful view has also become one of the most popular factors when customers are considering short-term/long-term stay. And today, Dilavi would like to introduce 2 types of nice view apartment for lease in Dilavi.

Are you looking for a nice view apartment for lease?

If you are looking for a nice view apartment for lease, you can never miss these 2 types of our serviced apartment: Suite & Deluxe

Suite and Deluxe apartments are both located at the topper floor in a building. In terms of this brilliant position, these 2 types of apartments are always accompanied with magnificent and beautiful views compared to other types of apartments. Imagine that you can just relax yourself by lying down on the sofa, listening to your favorite songs, and overlooking tens of thousands of colorful street lights with a nice city view after a tiring working day, isn’t it the best moment during the whole day?

Not to mention these 2 types of serviced apartments are equipped with spacious balconies where you can enjoy the warm sunshine in the daytime and cool breeze at night. Besides, large space and ventilated design of our balconies can make rooms full of energy and airy as well unlike some others stuffy rooms.

There are still other astonishing advantages of these 2 types of serviced apartments.

When renting Dilavi’s serviced apartment, especially for these 2 types nice view apartment for lease you will be amazed by its complete facilities without a doubt:

  • Fully functional rooms including bathrooms (with bathtub), kitchen, living room, bedroom builds up an extremely comfortable living environment and the size of this space is already enough for a small family to reside in a relaxing way.
  • The kitchen is well equipped with all kinds of cooking tools. Therefore, it’s very convenient and easy to cook sweet dishes with home-like flavors for yourself and your family whenever you want.
  • Modern and young room design also brings out a pleasant feeling with a long-stay

What’s more, when you rent Dilavi’s serviced apartments in District 3, it will be really convenient for you to move to HCM city center. And District by itself is also regarded as one of the economic and education centers with enriched facility among all of the districts in HCMC, so it can absolutely meet your life when staying here without a question.

With all of these advantages, renting a serviced apartment in Dilavi of HCMC, especially these 2 types – Suite & Deluxe with nice view, will surely satisfy most of your life needs without any efforts. Just don’t hesitate to contact us now at:

Hotline: +84 982 883 566


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