Short term apartment rentals, best solution for short term business trips


When people are on short term business trip, they often choose hotel as the first option for their staying. But with the fee they spend for hotel all they will have is just a room with a bed and a bathroom. Even if the hotel includes living room, the cost is also definitely according higher.

So, we need a good solution and it is considering about short term apartment rentals, why? DILAVI will explain you some point through this paper.

Serviced apartment is like a miniature house meanwhile the price for short term rentals is just a bit higher then mid-range hotel. Therefore please do not just because of the price then ignore all benefits of renting a short term apartment.

Why should we choose short term apartment rentals?

When you have a business trip, it means you are leaving your beloved home with all facilities that you are familiar. Therefore, short term apartment rental will help you to decrease the lack of facilities than the things a hotel can serve. Serviced apartments in Saigon usually have full of services and items which you need for your daily life. Short term apartments are very different from hotel which only have bedroom and bathroom. Serviced apartments even include living room and kitchen which you only can find out in high class hotel. So why you do not pick an apartment for rent in Saigon with lower price but it has everything you need?

After a hard working day on business trip, sometimes you just want to cook for yourself to both relax and ensure food hygiene. Serviced apartment with full equipment of kitchen is always ready to serve you all. Whether you want your clothes to be washed carefully by yourselves?

Our serviced apartments always have washing machine for your requirement. If you just want to relax after a long working day, serviced apartment is extremely quiet and private, you can relax in your way at any time. Moreover, at our serviced apartment there are surveillance camera all the time, you no need to think about stealing so you can stay without worrying.

The way to rent a suitable short term apartment

The benefit is that, but it is not easy to have a pleasant short-term apartment rentals. So please note the following things so you can choose a satisfactory service apartment for your business trip.

First important thing is the serviced apartment must be located in the best place which is nearest your working area. Moreover, it should be close to key place such as central, market and hospital…

Second significant point is material facilities, please do not choose a serviced apartment with low material facilities just because of cheap price, it can totally affect to your working quality in business trip.

Third, the serviced apartment need be near public transport. Your transfer can be easy and you can go to wherever you want. And finally you have to check the price and the review before renting to choose the most suitable serviced apartment for yourselves.

DILAVI with good location which is near central, good material facilities and modern equipment in our serviced apartment, and a cozy asmostphere will bring you the feeling as your beloved home when you stay at apartment Ho Chi Minh City during your business trip.

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