Sai Gon oi, DI-LA-VI (part 4): Art Museum Ho Chi Minh


Art Museum Ho Chi Minh is the place has been collecting many valuable cultural and artistic works of Vietnam. It has an ancient architectural style and a quiet atmosphere, which have enchanted many people’s interest. Let’s explore this place with DILAVI in the next part of DI-LA-VI’s series.

The history of Art Museum Ho Chi Minh

Art Museum Ho Chi Minh is located at 97 Pho Duc Chinh Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was established in 1987 however it just be opened to welcome visitor in 1991. To reach Art Museum Ho Chi Minh, you go straight on Truong Chinh Street then Cong Hoa Street, after that keep going straight on Nguyen Van Troi Street to Nam Ki Khoi Nghia Street in Ward 7. From Nam Ki Khoi Nghia Street you go to Political Prisoner Liaison Committee then turn left Ly Tu Trong Street, go 58 meter and get the Art Museum.

According to records, Art Museum Ho Chi Minh was a private mansion before which belong to Hua Bon Hoa, the most famous business Chinese man in Saigon at that time. He also the father of other famous constructions such as Majestic Hotel and Tu Du Hospital. After that, this mansion became a museum in 1987. The Museum was established to meet the demand of enjoying, learning and visiting the public art.

Listen to the nostalgic from Art Museum Ho Chi Minh’s architecture

The Museum looks like a large yellow block among many green parts of trees. Are you a fan of retro and vintage style? If yes, you might not miss this architecture. There are yellow walls which has been getting old and old during long time and passages were designed in classical style. All of them seem make a different space, it is so quiet in a crowded city.

Art Museum Ho Chi Minh was designed by a French Architect and mixed between Baroque style and Art Decor. The building was completed in 1934. The area of Art Museum Ho Chi Minh’s campus is up to 3.514m². This was the first project ever in Saigon which be brought elevator into the design of building. The lift cabin was made by wooden, it was decorated and carved as an ancient Chinese palanquin.

The roof was cover by red roman tile – double tile, the roof tiles were glazed with green edges. The windows were fitted up by color pattern glass in European style. The floor was paved by flowered brick with many shapes and patterns. The stair was paved by Marble nicely.

The main door area is on the first floor, it has a high lobby with cover, huge columns supporting the roof and staircase for up and down at both sides. This area is many people favorite and they like to take photo at here. This scene is even appeared in many artistic MVs.

Lost in charming artistic world

Art Museum Ho Chi Minh is a place showing many unique paintings about Vietnam through different historical period. The Museum is divided into different sections, displaying different art works.

The ground floor is a floor displaying piece of paintings by Vietnamese painters. Most paintings are composed in the theme of landscapes with temples and coastal areas of South Vietnam.

The second floor shows art works of the most famous painters in Vietnam: Trinh Cung, Do Quang Em, Diep Minh Chau, …

At the third floor, many precious antiques were exhibited such as Buddha and Vishnu statues, or excavated antiques from the Mekong Delta.

We hope with our sharing, you will come to Art Museum Ho Chi Minh in one day to be sunk into the space and enjoy the art of this Museum. And please do not forget DIVLAVI serviced apartment for rent in Saigon when you need accommodation.

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