Cu Chi Tunnels


Cu Chi Tunnels is next destination that DILAVI would like to recommend to you. With a great long history and a huge pride of Vietnamese, we are sure visiting Cu Chi Tunnels will bring you wonderful experience of a glorious time of the city.

Formation history of Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels was a resistance base and also a strong defense system being deeply under the ground during Indochina War and Vietnam War. The tunnels of Cu Chi was a very complex tunnel system and all the tunnels had their own function such as infirmaries, weapon warehouses, meeting rooms. Therefore it was recognized as an underground city.

After war period, Cu Chi Tunnels has become a vestige area attracting visitors.

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How to move to Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnel is away 70 meter from city central. You can get there by bus, motorbike or car.

To move by bus, you have 2 options:

  • Going to Ben Duoc Tunnels: bus number 13 (Ben Thanh – Cu Chi) or bus number 94 (Cho Lon – Cu Chi) to get Cu Chi bus station, from here you get bus number 79 (Cu Chi – Dau Tieng) to go to Ben Duoc Tunnels.
  • Going to Ben Dinh Tunnels: you need to take bus number 13 (Ben Thanh – Cu Chi) or bus number 94 (Cho Lon – Cu Chi) to get An Suong bus station, moving to bus number 122 to go Tan Quy bus station, from here you take bus number 70 to get Ben Dinh Tunnels.

If you move by motorbike or car, you just need to go on the way to An Suong Crossover Bridge – National highway 22. However the path is quite complex and hard, you might be easy to get lost, so that you should go along with person who know well the location.

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Enjoying the golden history in Cu Chi Tunnels

In the tunnels of Cu Chi, you not only visit and see the imposing construction but also enjoy other interesting places. Let’s check the list with DILAVI

The section of war zone recreation

Before directly seeing the tunnels, tour guides will show you documentary movies first. The videos are about the happening of wars in Cu Chi Tunnels, history and systems of tunnels. This area helps you to know more about war task and living life of soldiers in Cu Chi Tunnels. Those are slowly movie about whole the war in this steadfast land. In additional, in this area there are structure of famous vestige and landscapes in Vietnam also such as Nha Rong Harbor, Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, Long Bien Bridge, Mot Cot Pagoda, Sai Gon Bridge, …

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The tunnels of Cu Chi

Of course this is the most important and valuable of visiting area. At here, you will be guided into legendary land with system of tunnels which be deeply under the ground and long up to 250 km. In the tunnels, each way and each ramification connecting and lead to meeting rooms, wounded soldier rooms, reserve and manufacture weapon cellars, dormitory room, classrooms, … Along the dark and narrow tunnels, you are able to know directly what our soldier had spent.

Shooting area

At this area, visitors are able to try holding real guns. Tour guide team also train you how to fit up the gun, they will bring tourists real feeling of using real gun.

Do you agree that spending whole day to go along the tunnels of Cu Chi, eating specific food in here and learning about history are so awesome? DILAVI will see you in Saigon oi, DILAVI part 4 and promise to let you know more good travel locations.

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