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Comfort and convenience of a living environment are always 2 critical factors towards people when they are choosing accommodation. And in order to meet the increasing demands of these customers, this type of serviced apartments for are born, especially the ones with kitchens.

Today, DILAVI would like to introduce you a new form of fully furnished apartments with magnificent five-star furniture. They are located right in the city center and have become one of the most popular options for those who plan to have a long-term stay. Let’s check it out!

A serviced apartment for rent with five star furniture

When you want to find a serviced apartment for rent, especially the one with a kitchen, you can never miss the central area. Why? The centralrent area is where a lot of companies, large administrative agencies, and hospital are located and able to satisfy the needs of your life.

Besides, you also have easy access to friends, partners, customers and other areas of Saigon if you live in an apartment for rent in SG centre.

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DILAVI – A serviced apartment with kitchen

With the advantage of convenient geographical locations in city center, DILAVI 77 Huynh Tinh Cua – District 3 is a serviced apartment for rent deserving you to visit if you want to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable living space of the first place. And the one that DILAVI would like to introduce to you is “Deluxe serviced apartment with kitchen”

With the area of 50m2, Deluxe is a serviced apartment with kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom plus a living space. Functional rooms are evenly separated and properly arranged in the apartment.

can ho dich vu bep noi that 5 sao

Bedrooms with spacious double-bed are very suitable for small-size families. The living room is exquisite and luxurious. In particular, the serviced apartments are equipped with a large kitchen, complete cooking tools, which makes people living inside easy to prepare delicious meals for the families and loved ones. Modern kitchen design also releases a relaxing and warm feeling. The kitchens of Deluxe apartment are also attached with the safe electrical system, deodorizing system and automatic fire alarm system. So please feel safe and peaceful when renting a Deluxe serviced apartment in DILAVI!

To sum up, the greatest advantage that you shouldn’t miss out in our serviced apartment is the Deluxe kitchen with five-star living furniture, which creates a luxurious but comfortable living space for people here to stay.

can ho dich vu bep noi that 5 sao

If you want to experience such a fantastic environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at:

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